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About Us

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Taylor Hatchett 

Taylor Hatchett, Owner and Founder of Serene Spaces Cleaning Services and Serene Spaces Marketplace, prides herself on helping her clients to keep their well-being their upmost priority by alleviating the stress of cleaning and maintaining their living spaces. 

Taylor takes cleaning and wellness to a whole new level. When considered creating her dream business, it was a no brainer that Serene Spaces, LLC would impact her customers and bring them happiness as well as put peace and serenity back into themselves and their homes. 

Instead of seeing the cleaning and self-care process as daunting or a chore, Taylor sees it as both physically/mentally therapeutic and a personal stress reliever. Taylor dedicates her time and effort into cleaning your space so that you can maintain a sense of peace and serenity within your home, offering standard cleanings, deep cleanings, and Airbnb turnover services. Following the development and positive feedback of the cleaning spectrum of the business, Taylor began to navigate different sectors that can also influence serenity and still benefit her clients. 

Creating Serene Marketplace, an avenue was created for clientele to be able to maintain both their self-care needs and cleanliness of their home.  Serene Marketplace was born to showcase and provide products to Serene Spaces clientele that the consumers can use to better maintain their home and most importantly, themselves.

The goal of Serene Marketplace is to seek and expand the customer’s knowledge through advertisement of organic household essential products and skincare to maintain your cleanliness until your next service. Serene Marketplace prides itself on only using clean, non-toxic ingredients or chemicals within its products. 

No matter how unclean or hectic your life can seem sometimes, "we clean while your live serene."

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